Timber Treatments & Damp Proofing – Royal Military Academy

Timber treatment & Damp proofing to Grade 2 ex Military Training Academy



Royal Military Academy History

The Royal Military Academy Woolwich (RMA) was founded in 1741; it was intended to provide an education and train officers of Artillery and Engineers.

A larger building was specially designed for the Royal Military Academy by James Wyatt, built between 1796 and 1805 and opened for use the following year.

The Royal Military Academy Woolwich closed in 1939 and in 1947 the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst was formed on the site of the former Royal Military College, Sandhurst, which had previously only trained officers for the Infantry and Cavalry, with the objective of providing officer training for all arms and services.

Durkan Group bought the Woolwich site in 2006 and renamed the site to “The Academy”; the original buildings have since been converted and extended into 328 luxury houses and apartments.

Why Renlon were called in

Renlon tendered the work for Durkan Group to undertake the timber treatment for wood rot and basement project.  If not treated wood rot can grow over significant distances and time to find a food source. Our surveyor identified further signs of dry rot within the academy and he then constructed the appropriate and most effective plan to eliminate and prevent any further risk of damp or wood rot.


The project involved timber treatment, damp proof course injection, cavity membranes and waterproof rendering to the East Officers’ Quarters, West Officers’ Quarters and Sergeant Majors Quarters. Also including The East Lodge, The Parade & basement, East Cadet Quarters basement and East Officers’ Quarters’ basement.  This also included waterproofing to the external basement vaults around the site. Timber spray treatment was needed to all ground, first, second floor and roof timbers. This was necessary because of fungal decay.


Where timber was decayed as a result of the dry rot or dampness, the sections were treated with a fungicidal spray or removed to prevent any further outbreak. This was used on floor and roof timbers. A damp proof course was injected into the walls to prevent rising dampness by capillary action and cavity drain membrane was installed to manage any potential water ingress.

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