Residential Damp Proofing – Surrey

Damp proofing to a 1930’s residential property



Why Renlon were called in

The homeowners contacted Renlon and one of our highly trained surveyors arranged an inspection.

Upon the inspection moisture readings were taken with the aid of an electronic moisture meter from the surface of the structural walls to the rear reception room. High moisture meter readings were obtained indicating a problem with rising damp.


The project involved damp proofing to the ground floor rear reception room walls and external garden walls. This included a Damp proof course (DPC) to internal and external walls and specialist render to internal walls.


To ensure no further problems with damp in the property, Renlon’s surveyor specified the installation of a damp proof course. This involved our technician removing skirting boards and existing contaminated plaster internally to a minimum height of 1.2 metres after injecting our damp proofing cream into the internal and external walls. This is specially formulated to combat the effects of rising damp by penetrating deep into walls and forming a waterproof layer to stop the capillary action movement of moisture.

Specialist render was applied to internal walls to prevent salt migration during the drying out period, a finishing plaster was then applied and skirting boards refitted.

Let us help you

If you have any questions or queries about damp in your property you may need us to carry out a specialist survey, please feel free to speak to one of our Business Support Team who would be happy to help you further.

Simply request a survey and we’ll help you with your problem. Alternatively, you can give the Renlon office a call on 0208 687 4000.