Basement Tanking – Brompton Square

Basement Tanking to Basement, New Spa & Swimming Pool




Brompton Square is situated in an area known locally as Brompton which stretches from Harrods in Knightsbridge to the centre of South Kensington.

The area of Brompton dates back to 1818 when it was known for the market gardens of the Brompton Nurseries.

Today Brompton is known for its museum culture, designer shops and award winning restaurants, creating a vibrant mix of chic and traditional local amenities.

Why Renlon were called in

Renlon tendered the work for Spink Construction, to assess the waterproofing & Tanking works required to provide a dry environment within the original basement and the newly excavated spa and swimming pool.


As the areas are below ground our surveyor had to consider the effect of ground water penetration in his design and consequently the waterproofing scheme and the treatments specified had to be appropriate to protect the basement against the risk of water entry in accordance with BS8102.

The scheme included applying Sika 1 pre-batched waterproof render to the existing under pavement vaults and to the new concrete swimming pool. This type of waterproofing is formulated to prevent ground water ingress, but in this case the pool was also required to contain the swimming pool water. The Sika 1 render was applied to the walls at (20mm) and at (35mm) to the floor to provide a water tight seal.

A cavity drainage membrane system was installed to the new double depth basement spa areas. This type of system is favourable when the shape of the background is a little irregular as it doesn’t create a water pressure resistant barrier, but is designed to allow possible water entry to occur behind the installation where it is then collected within special drainage channels before being taken to a groundwater sump station for pumped discharge.

These methods of waterproofing whilst a fundamental part of the main project, are then concealed on completion by the finishing trades. A dry environment being the only clue to their presence.

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