Basement Waterproofing – Kingston upon Thames


Basement Waterproofing System to new build basement



Kingston upon Thames, also known as Kingston, is an area in the south west of Greater London, England. It is the administrative centre of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, and identified as a major metropolitan centre in London.

Why Renlon were called in

Renlon were called in as the owners wished to extend their property under ground to increase living space, this meant they had to future proof the property against any damp related problems that may arise over time. The waterproofing design had to be appropriate and the treatments specified had to protect the basement against the potential risk of water penetration.


This new build project saw the installation of Cavity wall membrane to the walls and Cavity floor membrane to floors incorporating modular and perimeter drainage and a sump pump chamber. Design and installation had to be appropriate to protect the basement against the risk of water entry in accordance with BS8102.


A type C Cavity wall and floor membrane was installed and forms a waterproof inner lining to the walls and floor. This then collects any potential water ingress diverting it to a sump from which it is pumped away.

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